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Brian Gibbons Homeless Connect Video

The video below is a reminder of how humanity can be transformed through love and compassion for others.

Who We Are

We provide case management and support services to people living outside or those recently housed. Visits are made to campsites, factories, and abandoned buildings several times a week and even in the bitter cold and snowy days of the winter months. We provide food, warm clothing, hygiene products, camping equipment, and most importantly, HOPE




Our Mission

To locate, engage and support the homeless and nearly homeless people in the Greater Waterbury area and to link them to appropriate resources.

This is the look of the new Brian Gibbons Homeless Outreach Program outreach team-

The Waterbury police are known for treating the local population with high degree of respect and patience. We often receive calls from police officers asking us to politely warn homeless individuals when they are staying somewhere they are not supposed to, rather than the police scaring or forcefully removing anyone. There are certain areas of woods within the city which the police officers have elected not to go into unless they receive a 911 call, as they want it to be left to the homeless population. Pictured below is one of these areas. Most of the people living here stay in tents, but one man and a friend have built their own homes. They each have sturdily constructed wooden shacks complete with fireplaces and even grow their own corn and squash. Their area of woods is decorated with many colorful advertisements and various items they have found. They are just two of the few clients uninterested in finding housing, but we continue to provide them with any other resources they may need.

One client I have been working closely with is a longtime Waterbury resident in her 60’s. Around the time the COVID-19 Pandemic began her and her husband were illegally evicted from their apartment. Many of our clients are honest people who are caught in such situations. Since that point she has been living in her car, and her husband has been staying at the Yale Hospital for some time due to many health complications. As of writing this in December 2022, he is close to being released from the hospital. He is still in poor health, but quite recently another organization we work with closely found a hotel room for the couple to stay in free of charge for the next month. If he were to stay in a cramped car he would end up losing circulation to some of his limbs and find himself back in the hospital. This was a huge jump for the couple, as they may finally be reunited soon. It has been emotionally damaging for these clients to be apart, especially in such a precarious situation. Their troubles have been ongoing for more than two and a half years, but we play the long game with our clients. -

Michael B.

How You Can Help

Donations of gift cards to McDonald's, Walmart, Waterbury bus passes, socks, and hygiene products are also needed and appreciated other then donating, which you can do in the section below.

Contact Brian Gibbons Homeless Outreach Program

Get in touch with Rick Povilaitis at the Brian Gibbons Homeless Outreach Program to learn more about our work and how you can get involved. 


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Donate To The        Cause

To donate to the program, Click the button below.

Mark your calendar for the 6th annual Brian Gibbons Homeless       
Outreach Golf Tournament, June 7th 2022!


Thomaston Savings Bank awarded us $1500.00!

Mary Mother of the Church has once again come through to help us provide for the homeless people living outside in Waterbury. The parish collected hundreds of pairs of new socks and $250 worth of Dunkin' Donuts, Mcdonalds and Subway gift cards


Naugatuck Exchange collected coats, hats, gloves and hoodies for the Brian Gibbons Homeless Outreach Program. Delivered by Cliff and Regina Kiernan

Thank you
Thank you

Thank you!

Sally Lorne and the Prospect Congregational Church mission

groups donated cleaning supplies to BGHOP, thanks!


Thank you!

Brian Gibbons Homeless Outreach Program Receives $3650.00 from the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Waterbury, CT – The Brian Gibbons Homeless Outreach Program has received $3,650.00 in funding from the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal through its Vicariate

Outreach Program. “This gift is much appreciated and very timely” according to Rick Povilaitis, LCSW; Director of the program. “Even though there has been significant progress in housing chronically homeless people in CT, we find and engage new people on a regular basis who are sleeping in cars, vacant buildings and parks. The money will be used to continue outreach efforts and to purchase tents, sleeping bags, heaters and other essentials to help people outside get through the cold winter months.” Thanks to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal we will be able to continue to provide much needed services to people most in need in the Waterbury area.

Rick and Susan Bishop's Annual Appeal photo.jpg

The youth group from Prospect Congregational Church held its Annual Homeless Awareness Sleepout on March 10th. During the 24 hour period they raised $1,080.00. Thank you Jon Normand, Brianna Hudson, Mike Normand, Nicholas Hudson, Emily Orzechowski, Mayel Hubbard, and Sue Hudson. This will truly make a difference in the lives of many!


Thank You!

Thank you!

Rick Povilaitis spoke with the 6, 7, and 8 graders at the "Mary, Mother of the Church Faith Formation Program "at St. Peter and Paul's gymnasium in Waterbury on December 4. The program is directed by Fran Walsh. The students were interested in learning about the needs of the homeless in Waterbury and because of their enthusiasm they collected hundreds of socks that will be distributed by those who serve in the Brian Gibbons Homeless Outreach Program.

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